Corporate Events

Sometimes guests are shy about getting up and dancing, or maybe DJ-ing the same old tunes isn’t enough. Your party needs something everyone can talk about long afterward.

Everyone loves a parade, and when we start our march around the venue or event room accompanied by our high-spirited New Orleans brass band music, it’ll be nearly impossible to sit still!

“Here’s the thing about KCBB: you are always going to smile when you hear them perform. 100%. You can’t help but love ‘em when they play Casanova, Annie Lennox, Justin Timberlake. Anything they play, they nail it all, every time. And, hiring and working with the band is a dream. Great musicians, great people!”

Cheryl (Director of Identity at RumbleDrum events)

“I definitely want to have y’all play for us again! It was great and we’re getting so many messages from people saying how much they enjoyed it.”

Betsy (Tulsa Remote)
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