Welcome from King Cabbage Brass Band! 

Oklahoma’s New Orleans-inspired Brass Band, for any occasion, performing pop, R&B, hip-hop, rock, New Orleans music, and more. King Cabbage comes to party!

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Weddings & Events

Hey, we do weddings, events & second-line parades!

A brass band is for any occasion. You can catch King Cabbage Brass Band playing for clubs, weddings, funerals, birthday parties, and everything in between!


Wedding receptions

Give your guests an experience they’ll never forget by adding in a brass band parade and dance party to the day’s festivities!

Your guests are sure to love our electric setup, which includes tons of wedding favorites and will keep them dance all night. Please view the ‘Song List’ page for a complete list of our music.

Our wedding parade is a clever and fun way to take your guests from dinner to the reception. Featuring the bride and groom and lead by the joyful music of our New Orleans-inspired brass band, we’ll get people moving before they even hit the dance floor!

Parade Send off

Sparkler send offs are great, but what better way to cap off the perfect night than with a brass band leading you out of the venue? You can hire us for the entire reception, or just bring us in for a quick second line parade to send you off at the end of the night!

“It was the best day ever and our spurs second line was truly the best moment of my life. You guys are so amazing and I cannot tell you how grateful we are that you were a part of our wedding!!”

Ben & Alayna Perrault

Second-line Parades

We are available for street or party parades! Sometimes guests are shy about getting up and dancing, or maybe DJ-ing the same old tunes isn’t enough. Your party needs something everyone can talk about long afterward.

Everyone loves a parade, and when we start our march around the venue or event room accompanied by our high-spirited New Orleans brass band music, it’ll be nearly impossible to sit still!

Birthday Parties

Birthdays may come around fairly often, but is a lively, New Orleans-style brass band something seen every day? We doubt it. Whether you want to give our music as a gift to someone special or make your own birthday something outstanding for your guests, we’ll help you throw one heck of a party. Our brass-heavy top 40 songs and second-line music will make everyone feel alive and ready to party!


How can you do something out of the ordinary to remember someone extraordinary? Let our brass band help you celebrate the life and love you shared. We can play light background music, lead a second-line parade, or do something in between that will keep the memory of your loved one alive for a long time.


“We could not have selected a better band to headline our first night at the Tulsa House during SXSW. The energy they brought was infectious, and every kind of person had a great time. We are proud to have the “King Cabbage Brass Band” represent Tulsa!”

Natalie (Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts and Culture)

“King Cabbage Brass Band is a true live musical experience! Not only do they add to an event, they MAKE the event they are a part of. The energy of their live show is spontaneous, infectious and above all, incredibly fun.”

Nolan (The Gathering Place)

“King Cabbage was perfect for our end-of-year holiday festival. The mix of familiar hits with a brass twist ignited the crowd on the Green!”

Derek (Guthrie Green)

“Hey! I just wanted to say how amazing you guys did and everyone has not stopped talking about it. Thank you again! I hope we can book you guys again in the future.”

Jackie (The Pioneer Woman Mercantile)

“Man, I can’t thank y’all enough for making our day that much more special! We had an absolute blast and ya’ll had the whole party raging…having you made it a dream!”

Cody (Groom)

“As a promoter, I have worked with King Cabbage Brass Band on several occasions, including an outdoor concert setting and an indoor corporate event. The musicians in the band are extraordinarily talented, and the band is engaging and entertaining. KCBB is a great fit for any occasion, with a flexible set list and performance style. This band is an audience-pleaser with a high level of professionalism, and I’m thrilled to have them in Tulsa. “

Julie (Live From Cains)

“Talented and creative musicians, incredibly responsive and flexible, upbeat, professional set up and break down, strong communication and follow through are just a few of the attributes I experienced while working with this unique group of artists and business people. The band’s energy combined with their passion for entertaining made the evening magical. Our celebration wouldn’t have been the same without their presence and enthusiasm. Thank you, thank you, King Cabbages! You guys exceeded all of our expectations!!”

Erin (Birthday Party)

“You guys are the best! Thank you guys for making our wedding amazing.”

Nikki (Bride)

“Thank you guys so much! You were an irreplaceable ingredient in making that night as spectacular as it was. Y’all killed it!”

Laurel (Bride)

“Thank you guys one last time for making things special for him! It was fabulous just the way he wanted it. And thank you for being patient and working with us through…these extremely exhausting times. You guys did great!!!!! Hope you are having a great day and we hope to see you again soon & under different circumstances.”

Craig (Funeral)

“Here’s the thing about KCBB: you are always going to smile when you hear them perform. 100%. You can’t help but love ‘em when they play Casanova, Annie Lennox, Justin Timberlake. Anything they play, they nail it all, every time. And, hiring and working with the band is a dream. Great musicians, great people!”

Cheryl (Director of Identity at RumbleDrum events)

“Thank you for making my 70th birthday party so perfect!  Paul and I were delighted that people came and stayed until the end.  That was because of King Cabbage!  Thank you so very much. You guys are so awesome and made the celebration!”

Joann (Birthday Girl)

“King Cabbage was super easy to work with and brought tons of energy to our Pride float and party. I’m looking forward to working with them again.”

Libby (Elote Cafe & Catering)

“I definitely want to have y’all play for us again! It was great and we’re getting so many messages from people saying how much they enjoyed it.”

Betsy (Tulsa Remote)

“The ULTIMATE first dance! My faaaaaaavorite part of the reception was surprising our guests with a brass band second line! As our parade with the band began I couldn’t stop jumping up and down and telling Ben (my husband!!!) “This is the best moment of my life!!!! We started our second line outside around the corner from the brewery doors. Our guests started to hear the music but had no idea that it was for us! Led by King Cabbage Brass Band we burst through the front door and danced our way through the entire brewery on our way to the dance floor. I have goosebumps just remembering how special it was. It brought HUGE smiles to everyone’s faces and kicked off our party in the best way possible. If you know us, you know we love any music with horns. And I actually always wanted a second line, but quickly gave up on it because where the heck was I supposed to find a brass band in Tulsa?? Well, at the pride parade in June (after our original wedding band had cancelled on us) we saw King Cabbage for the first time, and I was like “WE HAVE TO HAVE THEM PLAY THE WEDDING!” We went on to find out that they were a brand new band. Everything happens in perfect timing, and I am so grateful that we found King Cabbage Brass Band! I cannot imagine our wedding without King Cabbage. Greg Fallis went above and beyond to make our surprise vision happen (including climbing through brewery equipment with a sousaphone.)Thank you for bringing the party, King Cabbage! You made our wedding more special, more fun, and more funky than we could have ever imagined.”

Alayna (Bride)


“Coming out of Covid in June of 2021, King Cabbage Brass Band is a New Orleans inspired brass band finding its own sound in Tulsa. Since arriving on the music scene, KCBB has taken the city by storm with its infectious blend of classic brass band tunes, along with plenty of modern covers. Their sound fuses the popular New Orleans brass band style with an eclectic blend of pop, R&B, hip-hop, and funk. Typical performances include renditions of recent favorites by artists like Beyoncé, Outkast, Justin Timberlake, and Rage Against The Machine, as well as their own spin on the brass band standards of NOLA. KCBB is on a mission to bring people together, party, and forget their problems through joyful music!”
-Julie Watson, Tulsa People Magazine

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Meet the cabbage patch!

Greg “Coach” Fallis – Plays trombone, sousaphone, tank tops
Nicholas “Cookies” Foster – Plays drum kit, basketball, well with others
Dr. Dave “Freaklips” Johnson – Plays trumpet, and several octaves
Jordan “Mister Kimchi” Hehl – Plays electric bass, bass drum, bass fish
Bishop “Miami” Marsh – Plays trumpet, trumpet, and more trumpet
Andy “Macho Man Randy Cabbage” McCormick – Plays saxophone, we don’t say where, he’s busy that day
Kristin “Piston” Ruyle – Plays percussion, tinks, tanks, and tonks
Ryan “Cabbage Patch” Hatcher – Plays trumpet, sings falsetto, super power: dad strength
Isaac “Duke of Daikon” Washam – Plays trombone, more chops than chopped brisket
Dylan “Shoulders” Ward – Plays trombone, 21 years old on his ID, 61 years old on the horn

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