“Coming out of Covid in June of 2021, King Cabbage Brass Band is a New Orleans inspired brass band finding its own sound in Tulsa. Since arriving on the music scene, KCBB has taken the city by storm with its infectious blend of classic brass band tunes, along with plenty of modern covers. Their sound fuses the popular New Orleans brass band style with an eclectic blend of pop, R&B, hip-hop, and funk. Typical performances include renditions of recent favorites by artists like Beyoncé, Outkast, Justin Timberlake, and Rage Against The Machine, as well as their own spin on the brass band standards of NOLA. KCBB is on a mission to bring people together, party, and forget their problems through joyful music!”
-Julie Watson, Tulsa People Magazine

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Meet the cabbage patch!

Greg “Coach” Fallis – Plays trombone, sousaphone, tank tops
Nicholas “Cookies” Foster – Plays drum kit, basketball, well with others
Dr. Dave “Freaklips” Johnson – Plays trumpet, and several octaves
Jordan “Mister Kimchi” Hehl – Plays electric bass, bass drum, bass fish
Bishop “Miami” Marsh – Plays trumpet, trumpet, and more trumpet
Andy “Macho Man Randy Cabbage” McCormick – Plays saxophone, we don’t say where, he’s busy that day
Kristin “Piston” Ruyle – Plays percussion, tinks, tanks, and tonks
Ryan “Cabbage Patch” Hatcher – Plays trumpet, sings falsetto, super power: dad strength
Isaac “Duke of Daikon” Washam – Plays trombone, more chops than chopped brisket
Dylan “Shoulders” Ward – Plays trombone, 21 years old on his ID, 61 years old on the horn

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Tulsa, OK 918
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