Weddings & Events

Hey, we do weddings, events & second-line parades!

A brass band is for any occasion. You can catch King Cabbage Brass Band playing for clubs, weddings, funerals, birthday parties, and everything in between!


Wedding receptions

Give your guests an experience they’ll never forget by adding in a brass band parade and dance party to the day’s festivities!

Your guests are sure to love our electric setup, which includes tons of wedding favorites and will keep them dance all night. Please view the ‘Song List’ page for a complete list of our music.

Our wedding parade is a clever and fun way to take your guests from dinner to the reception. Featuring the bride and groom and lead by the joyful music of our New Orleans-inspired brass band, we’ll get people moving before they even hit the dance floor!

Parade Send off

Sparkler send offs are great, but what better way to cap off the perfect night than with a brass band leading you out of the venue? You can hire us for the entire reception, or just bring us in for a quick second line parade to send you off at the end of the night!

“It was the best day ever and our spurs second line was truly the best moment of my life. You guys are so amazing and I cannot tell you how grateful we are that you were a part of our wedding!!”

Ben & Alayna Perrault

Second-line Parades

We are available for street or party parades! Sometimes guests are shy about getting up and dancing, or maybe DJ-ing the same old tunes isn’t enough. Your party needs something everyone can talk about long afterward.

Everyone loves a parade, and when we start our march around the venue or event room accompanied by our high-spirited New Orleans brass band music, it’ll be nearly impossible to sit still!

Birthday Parties

Birthdays may come around fairly often, but is a lively, New Orleans-style brass band something seen every day? We doubt it. Whether you want to give our music as a gift to someone special or make your own birthday something outstanding for your guests, we’ll help you throw one heck of a party. Our brass-heavy top 40 songs and second-line music will make everyone feel alive and ready to party!


How can you do something out of the ordinary to remember someone extraordinary? Let our brass band help you celebrate the life and love you shared. We can play light background music, lead a second-line parade, or do something in between that will keep the memory of your loved one alive for a long time.

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